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Live from Montreux 2012
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On the Road Again - Single

To celebrate gigs and concerts, Alanis is happy to go back on tour in the US this summer and Europe on fall. She decided to cover with the original singer Willie Nelson "On the Road Again"

Watch the original from Willie Nelson on youtube
Watch the duet version on youtube - Read the lyrics

Rest - Single

Today May 20th is Mental Health Action Day, so Alanis is sharing this previously heared song called Rest. She wrote it about those who struggle with depression and anxiety. This version has been remastered to be a real single. Enjoy it !

Watch it on youtube - Read the lyrics

I Miss the Band - Single

Alanis is also bored not to play anymore with her band, so she wrote a piano song called "I miss the Band". She has also been live on Jimmy Fallon show on the 20th April to promote this single.
You can donate for Backline Care which mission is to connect music industry professionals and their families with mental health and wellness resources....
Watch the two videos on youtube, read the lyrics or order on Apple Music

Predator Demo

On the 5th March Alanis revealed a demo version of her song Predator. Originally this song was part of the jagged Little Pill Musical. Watch it on youtube, read the lyrics or order on Apple Music

Such Pretty Forks In The Mix EP out now

Alanis Morissette has released a new remix EP, Such Pretty Forks in the Mix, which features a group of trans-inclusive, women artists reimagining songs from her 2020 album, Such Pretty Forks in the Road. The project features contributions from Lauren Faith, MUNA, Girlpool, Muhsinah, Eris Drew, and MNDR. The EP also includes two unreleased live recordings of “Smiling” and “Reasons I Drink” at London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire.
She unvealed a new cover picture taken from the original shoot.
A portion of the proceeds from Such Pretty Forks in the Mix will be donated to Safe Place International, an organization that helps LGBT refugees in Turkey and Greece.

Tracklisting :
1. “Smiling” (Lauren Faith Remix)
2. “Ablaze” (MUNA Remix)
3. “Reasons” (Girlpool Remix)
4. “Diagnosis” (Muhsinah Remix)
5. “Reckoning” (Eris Drew’s Standing at the Gate Remix)
6. “Sandbox Love” (MNDR Remix)
7. “Smiling” (Live from London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire)
8. “Reasons I Drink” (Live from London’s O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire)

Six of these are already available to listen to on her Youtube channel.

Alanis Radio

Alanis has been lately publishing some podcasts on Apple Music called Alanis Radio. Here are some of them :






Ablaze video
This lockdown video is heartmelting as you can see Alanis playing with her family. Ablaze is the third video from Such Pretty Forks In The Road.

Fifth single - Ablaze and Album release

To promote the release of Such Pretty Forks In The Roads(SPFITR) Alanis has released a new song called Ablaze. You can see her performance in Jammy Fallon show singing with her daughter.Lyrics available here

New Song - Reckoning

Here is the audio for the fourth single of Alanis called Reckoning. Lyrics available here

Canada Day - 1st July

Alanis has been performing for Canada Day this year. With her musicians they played live at home one of her best success Thank U

Video "Smiling"

Here is the official video for the second single of Alanis called Smiling. It is a slighly musicaly and lyricaly different version from the album original as she is singing with Elizabeth Stanley. She has been performing this video at home with all the staff of the musical Jagged Little Pill. Lyrics available here

New song - Diagnosis - Out this Friday

Here is the audio video for the third single of Alanis called Diagnosis. Lyrics available here

Some news about the album and new music

Alanis recently revealed on her tweeter account some news about the album being postponed and that a new single is coming out very soon.

Reasons I Drink - official video

Pretty Forks in the Road is coming...

Alanis has revealed the cover of her forthcoming album "Such Pretty Forks in the Road". Due to May 1st, 2020.
The track list below shows 11 songs. More should be added as bsides or in the deluxe editions.

Written by Alanis and Michael Farrell
Produced by Alex Hope

3.Reasons I Drink
5.Missing the Miracle
6.Losing the Plot
8.Sandbox Love

Pre order Such Pretty Fork on the Road on apple music

New Single - Smiling

Alanis has at the same time as the album cover, also revealed a new single titled "Smiling". Point to the video.

Concerts in Europe

Alanis is announcing new accoustic concert dates in Europe for the 25th birthday of Jagged Little Pill.

Alanis performed at Time Square with the JLP band musical for New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve Alanis Morissette has been performing on stage with the JLP musical band. She joined them to sing "You learn" and then "You oughta now". The latter has been heavily censored and some of the words have been bleeped by ABC channel.
Anyway the performance is just incredible and might send you back to the JLP era.

Alanis Exciting New Announcements

Alanis is starting decembre with new surprises for us.
First she is celebrating the 25th year anniversary of Jagged Little Pill by doing a World Tour 2020 during the summer. TBA
This tour will also introduce her new album scheduled for May 2020, titled Such Pretty Forks in the Road.
The first singled is out this week, titled Reasons I Drink

New songs

Alanis has been singing two songs that could be on her yet-to-be released new album. A new version of "Rest" with her band and "Blaze".

Jagged Little Pill The Musical

Alanis has been working so many years on this project and it's finally ready. 23 years later after the realease of the album Jagged Little Pill, the musical show is scheduled to begin on May 5, 2018, at the Loeb Drama Center, within the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for a limited run to July 15, 2018.

Alanis playing live from the Hollywood Bowl

On the 27th October during the Great tribute concert of Linkin Park, Alanis played live Castle of Glass with Mike Shinoda and No doubt musicians. She also unveiled a new demo song called Rest about her depression she had recently. Watch the videos below.

Alanis featuring in her husband's new video

Alanis has been revealing a new collaboration with her rap singer husband Souleye. The song is called "Snow Angel" and features Alanis vocals. It is a very special turn in Alanis style. The video has also been shot with a very special frozen disguise. Have a look at the video below.

Alanis columns in the Guardian Newspaper

During six months Alanis has been writing colums on the Guardian newspaper website. Every week you could find some personal questions with her fully adviced answers about couple's life.
Feel free to check on the website

Jagged Little Pill new edition

Alanis is giving some news about the 20th anniversary edition of Jagged Little Pill release. It is going to be available on october 30th.
On her facebook page Alanis give us the opportunity to share our #JLPMoment by tagging our posts.

You can pre order the 2CD deluxe edition on this link
The 2 CD deluxe edition of Jagged Little Pill includes the remastered audio of the original album plus an entire disc of 10 unreleased demos from the era handpicked by Morissette from her archives, offering a deeper and more personal look at the classic album.

Taylor Swift singing with Alanis

"You ought know is a good break up song" said Taylor Swift after performing the song with our grunge icon.
Only a few minutes of video can be seen here

Alanis medley at the Juno Awards

During the Canadian ceremony of the Juno awards, Alanis performed a medley of three of her very famous songs (Uninvited, You oughta know and Thank U)
Watch the video below and find more in this article.
And good news, she talked about Jagged Little Pill 20 th anniversary. An album that could be remastered with new stuff from that era !!

Alanis announces the Best New Artist

Alanis announces the Best New Artist Nominees for the GRAMMYs on February 8. Watch the video on her facebook page.

New song for a "Small section of the world"

Alanis has been recording a new song called "The Morning" included in Lesley Chilcott's documentary about Costa Rican coffee producers.
Watch the video and find more about the song here.

Big Sur as a single

Alanis likes surprises ! She has released the song Big Sur that was previously on the Target bonus track album Havoc and Bright Light as a vinyl and music video. Smells like summer.
You can order the signed vinyl here or watch the video

Alanis Birthday gift

For her 40th birthday Alanis has launched new pages for her website. Have a look www.alanis.com

Vote for Alanis

Alanis is getting involved into politics with this new campaign song for Marianne Williamson called "TODAY".
Download the song for free in here !
More news about the campaign and the song in here!

Video for Empathy

Alanis has recently posted her new video for the song Empathy. Even if the video has surely been made with low bugdet, it's a pleasure to see it again and again !!
Look at it here !

Live from Montreux

On April 23thd 2013, Alanis will be releasing a new live album. This one is called "Live from Montreux 2012" and has been recorded in Switzerland, Stravinski Hall during her Guardian Angel Tour in July 2,2012.

This is her third live album with videos since "Feast on Scraps" in 2002.

Receive Official Video

The brand new Alanis video called "Receive" is now on youtube.
This is her second single video from her new album "Havoc and Bright Lights". A great Black and white one finishing in colours! Here is the making of the video.

Third song to be revealed

Alanis has released another song through her live concert in Berlin. The song is called "Numb" and is available on the player below !

Second song to be revealed

Alanis let us discover a new song before the new album release. It is called "Receive" and available on the RollingStone web site.

Gardian Official Video

Here it is. The new video for Alanis first single has been revealed July 28.
For those who recognised the city, it has been shot in Berlin !

Album cover and tracklisting

Here is the album cover and the tracklisting you'll get on the 28th August. As annouced, other tracks may follow as B-sides.
See the album lyrics

2-Woman Down
3-Til you
10-Win and Win
12-Edge of Evolution

13-Will you be my girlfriend ?
14-Magical Child

15-No (Japanese Bonus track)

16-Big Sur (Target Bonus Track)
17-Guru (Target Bonus Track)
18-Permission (Target Bonus Track)

19-Jekyll and Hyde (UK Bonus Track)

20-Tantra (US Bonus Track)

Alanis new single

The new single will be "Guardian", first song on the album. It is scheduled to be released in May 2012. You should hear it on the radio soon. Watch the song premiere here !

The single cover

Alanis new album

On May 2, 2012 Alanis annouced that her new album will be released end of August 2012. Only the name and the track list have been revealed from now.

"Havoc and Bright lights" will be Alanis eighth studio album. 12 songs written with her last album friend, Guy Sigsworth.

Here are the songs :
Guardian - Woman down - Til you - Celebrity - Empathy - Lens - Spiral - Numb - Havoc - Win and win - Receive - Edge of Evolution

European Summer Dates

Alanis will be touring with new songs in Europe this summer. Check out the dates below....more dates coming.

Happy 1st anniversary

As Alanis and her husband rapper Mario "MC souleye" got married a year from now (May 22,2010). The singer decided it to celebrate their first anniversary by a song released on her Facebook wall. The song is called "Into a king" and you can listen to it here.

Alanis gave birth...

on the 25th December 2010 to a little girl called Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway.

Interview about Alanis pregnancy

A few month ago, Alanis has shared an interview with Sheryl Paul (author of "The Conscious Bride") about the pivotal transitions of marriage and pregnancy, a discussion about how to move from fear to trust around these big life steps....

Listen to this interview !

Alanis on Chelsea Lately talking about her recent pregnancy
I remain on Jay Leno Tonight Show!
Alanis performed her new song I remain from The Prince of Persia soundtrack in The Tonight Show. Watch the video !

Alanis performing with Crystal Bowersox in American Idol

Alanis performed "You oughta know" on the 26th May 2010 in American Idol with one of the female contestant Crystal Bowersox. Check the video.

Theme song for "Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time"
Alanis has released this week a new song being the theme song for Prince of Persia. The movie is in theatre may 26th and the song called "I Remain" is already on Alanis myspace. Follow the link to listen.
Wunderking sung at the Olympic Ceremony
On the 1st march, Alanis was choosen to sing her song Wunderking at the Vancouver Olympic Ceremony. Check the video on this link.

Alanis Morissette covering Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias hit "To All The Girls I've Loved Before"
After the viral success of her rendering of the Black Eyed Peas' 'My Humps,' Alanis Morissette has picked her next cover. This time she's turning to the '80s to cover the Top 10 Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias hit, 'To All the Girls I've Loved Before.' Featuring Nelson on rhythm guitar, Morissette's version will switch genders and be called 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before.'

The song -- which will be released as a single since Morissette has yet to start working on a new album -- also marks a departure for her, as she rarely collaborates with other big name artists. "I don't know why that is. I'm such a big fan of people," she says. "Maybe it's because I'm so intimidated, but I'm growing up a little bit so I think I'll have more courage to collaborate in the future for sure."
Listen to the song live during on of her concert :

Alanis Morissette Plots Return to Rock After “Weeds” Stint, Book : "Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily"
Alanis talks about her role in the movie serie "Weeds", about her book and new music soon ! Click right here !

My Mother's Red Hat w/Alicia Silverstone & Alanis Morissette
Two friends embark on a road trip after one suffers a great loss in this new indie film. Featuring an unforgettable soundtrack! Click to the the preview !

Alanis against global warming
Alanis has been part of the project Earth Hour 2009. See the advert.

Not as we [Remixes]
As a Christmas gift Alanis has released 6 new remixes of her last hit Not As We. As you can see the digital cover is an old photo of her !

Not as we Official Video
Here is the so awaited video from Not as we !!

New song part of the "1Giant Leap" project
As you've already heard in 2001, 1 Giant leap made two artists sing for a cause that was basically sharing cultures in music. That's how Robbie Williams sung with Maxxi Jazz from Faithless "My Culture". The project has been reedited in 2005, and is now being released as a DVD and a CD including a song featuring Alanis. This song is called "Arrival", find the lyrics here

Nos as we in the "early show" in CBS
On the 25th september, Alanis Morissette dropped by "The Early Show" to share a glimpse of her new video and perform her latest single, "Not As We."

Alanis double second single
Alanis has now chosen her new single. "Not As We" has been confirmed in North America and "In Praise Of The Vulnerable Man" has been confirmed in Europe. This sounds like "Eight easy steps" and "Out is through" for So-Challed Chaos !!

What we know for the moment is that In Praise of the Vulnerable Man will have two sets of B-sides, an easy one (Underneath remix) and a talented one (Break - see the lyrics).

<<<<Here is the actual single cover

No release dates are available for these two singles yet !

Funny pictures
Alanis recently appeared in a German magazine with some funny expressions she was not used to showing.
Album & single covers
Alanis has recently shown her definate album cover. You can also see the first single cover which will be Underneath.

The album will be out on may 30th in Germany, June 4th in Japan, June 2nd rest of the world and june 10th in the USA !!!!

Here are the promo shoot !!

European Tour dates
Alanis is going round Europe for promoting her new album essentially among other artists in Festivals !!

10 April : Zermatt Unplugged Festival - Switzerland
31 May : Rock in Lisbon , Portugal
1st June : Pinkpop Festival Landgraaf, The Netherlands
5 June : Alte Opera Frankfurt, Germany
6 June : Zenith Paris, France
14 June: Rocj Under the Bridge Middlefart, Denmark
15 June Norwegian Wood Festival Oslo, Norway
27 June : Rock in Rio Madrid, Spain

Album Tracklisting
Here is the album tracks you'll find on the 30th May. As annouced, other tracks will follow as B-sides and exclusive content.

1 Citizen of The Planet - 2 Underneath - 3 Straitjacket - 4 Versions of Violence - 5 Not As We - 6 In Praise of The Vulnerable Man - 7 Moratorium - 8 Torch - 9 Giggling Again For No Reason - 10 Tapes - 11 Incomplete

New lyrics in Flavors..

The album is not available yet, but you can see two song lyrics from the new album.
Not as we - Underneath

More lyrics
Citizen of the planet - Versions of Violence - Moratorium - Tapes

New single "Underneath"

Here is a video song that Alanis has just shown during the Elevate Film Festival in September 15th 2007. The purpose of the festival was to create documentaries, music videos, narratives and shorts - regarding subjects to raise the level of human consciousness on the earth. Alanis submitted her song, and then (like all other 14 videos) had the song's video written, directed, shot and edited in two days. So it was a bit of a rush for her and won't definately will be shoot again if it happened to be the a single. The music video, while not having too much of a known plot - features Morissette and a few other characters around a pool, and swimming. The key symbol in the video tends to be water. The song is called "Underneath" and should be on her new 2008 album. Will it be the first single ??

Guy Sigsworth talking about Alanis new album

"Which project are you working on right now?"

Guy Sigsworth: "We've just finished the new Alanis Morissette album. She's asked us to do a few more tracks - B-sides and exclusives with her. She's a dream to work with - she's totally into my sound world. If I make a noise that makes me feel a certain way, I know it's going to make her feel that way too. I wrote twenty-five songs with her. We recorded thirteen for the album, and we're doing eight more now. She can write a song so quickly. It's truly amazing. On one song I opened Reaktor (Akkord), she walked in, said, 'Oh, that's pretty', and we started jamming against it. 20 minutes later we had a song."

"Is your working method more hardware or software-oriented?"

Andy Page "Software. We've both been working that way for years. For me nearly ten years now. There's so much more control with software. A great instrument is a great instrument, it doesn't matter if it's hardware or software, these days what is in the computer is so good. It's also a convenience thing - with Alanis we'd be working on twelve songs at once and if you need to load a song up at once all the sounds are there and you can just continue. It's a completely different world, mindblowing. I just rock up with my laptop and I've got all my sounds." .

Alanis new song "Not as We"

Alanis singing in a dutch film

Alanis Morissette is going to perform the title song for the American thriller "Drifter" made by Dutch director Roel Reiné. The filmmaker announced it yesterday. The song is called Moonlight Sonata and is a free variant on the Piano Sonata No. 14 from Ludwig von Beethoven.

My Humps cover song and video

Alanis has recently made Black Eyed Peas' My humps her own. She has done the cover of the song with only a piano and her voice which sounds amazingly done. Great ballad that should be on her next album. The video is making fun of the BEP's original video and shows alanis like a new woman !

Fergie (BEP frontwoman) was impressed by the cover and thanked alanis by sending her a congratulatory cake.
Watch the video

Hotel cafe song

On the 24th April at Hotel cafe, Alanis performed one of her new song called "NOT AS WE" . But she also sang "Guerilla Radio" (watch video), "More than Words" (watch video) in duet with Nuo Bettancourt and "Sister Blister".

Sabina with Alanis

Donald Martin is now working on a film called Sabina with Alanis Morissette, Martin says he hasn't forgotten how hard it is getting started in the arts.

Another Soundtrack song for Alanis

After "City of Angels" and "Dogma", Alanis has once again recorded a new soundtrack song for the "Chronicles of Narnia" OST, the song is called "Wunderkind" and the soundtrack will be available on Dec 12th. View the lyrics

Crazy Video

Watch the new Crazy Alanis video by clicking here
The video edit is James Michael remix. And it is an excellent video!!

Alanis Collection - All her hits

Alanis will be soon releasing her hits collection. The album is due to the 7th of November and will include a DVD and CD with hits as Ironic, Hands clean, That I would be good, Princess Familiar, Thank U and some unreleased songs as Still, Uninvited, Mercy and Crazy which will be the first single of this album due for the end of October.

The collection will also appear with a yellow cover addind a bonus "so unsexy vancouvers session" previously on the everything single.
<<Here is the cover album
See the lyrics of the album

Jagged Little Pill 10th birthday

For its birthday, the acoustic version of this album will be released at the end of July. It will normally contain 12 tracks. And the first single to be released will be "Hand in my pocket"

European tour

To check out the dates of Alanis European concerts click here.

Two new alanis records

Alanis will celebrate the 10th year of her first album release "Jagged Little Pill" during the year by launching another version of it with extra acoustic tracks.
She will also release a greatest hits later this year.

"Eight Easy Steps" Single

Alanis new single will be out on the 11th October. As usual two singles with Vancouver sessions b-sides. The first one features Eight easy steps and A man (from under rug swept). The second features Eight easy steps, A man (again) and Out is through plus the single's video.
(The singles have in fact been cancelled and replaced by a four track remixed cd)

"Eight Easy Steps" Video

Alanis has shot her new video. Eight Easy Steps seems to be her third single of So-Called Chaos. This is one of her greatest video. We see her performing in a room an then flashback to her previous videos, when she was a child and even when her mother gave birth to her. The amazing thing is that during all the video and throught her life, she keeps singing the song. The special effect is incredible.

New single "Out is through"

Out is through will be the second single from So-called chaos. This single will be released on the 19th of July and the video can be seen on TV. The video shows a girl who is a fan and doesn't know that Alanis his promoting her new album in her city. So she absolutely wants to see her performing.
As usual there are two cds for this single: CD1 with Out is through and Spineless (Vancouver Sessions 2004), CD2 with Out is through and both 8 easy steps and This Grudge (Vancouver Sessions 2004).


On July the 2nd Alanis Morissette will be starring in the film De-Lovely, she'll be appearing as a singer with her song "Let's do it" as well as Sheryl Crow and Robbie Williams. Also starring in this film Ashley Judd and Kevin Kline. View the lyrics


Everything singles

The single called Everything is as usual divided into two cds. One including 3 tracks as Everything (Radio Edit), So unsexy and Everything at Vancouver Sessions plus the Everything video. The other single includes Everything (Radio Edit) and Precious Illusions at Vancouver Sessions. They are no unreleased on these singles. Hope for next time.

Alanis new Album

Everything will be the new song of Alanis. The album "So called chaos" is due to May 18th. View the lyrics
Here is the tracklisting of the album: 1)Eight easy steps 2)Out is through 3)Excuses 4)Doth I protest to much 5)Knees on my bees 6)So-called chaos 7)Not all me 8)This grudge 9)Spineless 10)Everything (Album Edit) -
View all the lyrics
It will also contains videos and an enhanced track connecting to her
new secret website.

Alanis new action

Alanis recently narrated an upcoming tv series for the Discovery Channel called THE GREAT WARMING. 
Watch the video

Feast on Scraps

FEAST ON SCRAPS is a new DVD/CD boxset directed and produced by Alanis herself. The DVD is over 2 hours of 21 of her favorite songs from a concert last summer in Holland, plus a treasure trove of hilarious backstage antics, personal reflections and snapshots of life on the road. The CD features 8 previously unreleased studio tracks and an acoustic version of "Hands Clean". PLUS! Both the DVD and the CD are enhanced with a key that will unlock a secret website, which will contain tons of extra material that didn't fit onto the DVD. Order it now on www.alanis.com
Release dates: Europe 12 Dec 02 - USA 10 Dec 02 - Japan 11 Dec 02 - Latin America/South East Asia 6 Jan 03 - Australia 17 Feb 03 - UK 17 Feb 03
www.maverick.com/feastonscraps/ for more information.

Precious Illusions video

The new Alanis video Precious Illusions is now on TV I saw it last time on MTV. The video image is separated into two. On the left Alanis is dreaming of her life as a princess meeting the man of her dreams. And on the right side Alanis is confronted to the real life she also meets the same man but in the every day life. There is the illusions and the reality. It's a very good video.

Precious Illusions Singles

Alanis Morissette's next single would be Precious Illusions. This new single will be available at the end of May and will be divided up into 2 parts as the Hands Clean single. Single n°1 will contain an Hands Clean slow acoustic version and two new songs as Offer which is totally unknown and another discovered on Tour called Bent 4U. And on the single n°2 there will be also an Hands Clean slow acoustic version and Sorry to myself previously released on the Japanese URS album.

Hands Clean Singles

The new single of Alanis called Hands Clean is divided into 2 parts. Apart from Hands Clean you will find a total of five unreleased songs. On the first single there are 3 tracks: Hands Clean, Fear of Bliss, Sister Blister. And on the second there are 4 tracks: Hands Clean, Awakening Americans, Unprodigal Daughter and Symptoms.

Unreleased songs

Alanis had written about 30 new songs for her new album Under Rug Swept. She has only released 11 of these songs, because she could not release a 30 song album. Her album is considerated as a volume1 and the rest of the songs will be released later as a volume2. However she has already released 6 of them, divided up on the Hands Clean singles and on the Japanese version of the album.

Japanese URS Bonus Tracks


The Japanese edition of Under Rug Swept features two bonus track: Sister Blister and Sorry to Myself. Sister Blister was previously featured on the Hands Clean single n°1, while Sorry to Myself is previously unreleased.
You can order this version of the album at the Japanese
Amazon or HMV sites.


URS Secret Site


Alanis' secret site at UnderRugSwept.com opened. The special multimedia feature of the CD allows access to the secret site after a simple registration.You must have the original CD to access the secret site.

Once inside, there is a brief letter from Alanis sharing her feelings on the release, along with exclusive Mp3's of Flinch live and Sister Blister. There is also a neat section "Making the Video," for Hands Clean. It features Storyboards, Pictures, Clips and the full-length video.


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